If you are facing charges for drug possession for personal use, or drug sales charges, call Pasadena Drug Defense attorney Ann Gottesman for a free consultation. Ann will explain some of the ways she can help negotiate a diversion plea bargain in drug cases where a conviction may at first seem unavoidable. Pasadena Drug Defense lawyer Ann Gottesman will explore the options that may be available to you through PC 1000 and Proposition 36. Proposition 36 permits a person convicted of his or her first or second nonviolent drug possession offense to undergo drug treatment instead of jail time.

Sometimes, even when a person is charged with possession for sale of a drug such as methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana or cocaine, Pasadena drug crimes lawyer Ann Gottesman can urge the prosecutor to reduce the charge to a “simple” possession for personal use, thus, in many instances, making a defendant now eligible for treatment instead of jail pursuant to Proposition 36. In appropriate cases, Ms. Gottesman will be able to have you meet with a criminal defense addiction specialist who will examine your personal issues, write a report to the Court and help persuade the Judge and/or the Prosecutor that drug treatment instead of jail is what you need, and that you are not a danger to the community. Placing a nonviolent person in jail for a drug related offense is a waste of taxpayer’s money and does not address the real issue in the addict’s life.

Often times, a defendant facing a nonviolent simple drug possession who has no prior drug conviction record will have the opportunity to go through the “PC 1000” Drug Diversion Program. This drug program is slightly different from Prop 36 because under PC 1000 there is never any conviction on the defendant’s record (unless he fails to complete the program’s requirements) and there is no formal probation. For some employers, if an employee is on probation or has a conviction on his or her record for a drug crime, they will be terminated immediately. In such cases, PC 1000 is a better option than Prop 36.

Create the best possible chances of avoiding jail and a drug conviction on your criminal record by calling Pasadena drug defense attorney Ann Gottesman, an experienced and compassionate Pasadena drug defense attorney who knows the drug laws and the alternatives to jail offered in the Pasadena Courthouse and other San Gabriel Courts. Ann will do everything she can to protect your freedom and your job when you are facing criminal drug sales or drug possession charges.

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